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Building the digital-first
ecosystem for home
interiors & renovation

We're not just another brick in the wall!

Our quest is to make home renovation simple, joyful and enduring. But that's easier said than done.

So, we've thrown in all we have - our passion for technology, deep problem-solving approach, building lasting customer relationships and steely determination to build something unique & unparalleled.

Our Story

At Afterbricks, we are committed to inspiring
change to the world of home interiors &
renovation, one customer at a time.
Why we started?

We created afterbricks, given our own experiences as customers – the sheer complexity of choices, time involved in market visits & final outcomes; all of them being completely haphazard.

So, why not build something using technology that can radically simplify & change the customer experience at every step of their home interiors journey? 

Our Approach

Our single-minded focus was to disrupt the customer experience and not the industry. We are harnessing the collective power of the whole ecosystem, from brands & manufacturers, dealers and the best service contractors and interior designers – all, on one common technology platform. 

So, customers get the right choice of products with best offers & deals and also select from choice of interior designer or contractor to get the interiors or renovation executed, seamlessly.

Meet the Team

Vikas Bhagat
Vikas Bhagat
Founder & CEO

Man behind the idea. Focused on driving the core domain, consumer centric product building, ecosystem partnerships, strategy & revenues. His goal is to make Afterbricks the platform of best choice for the home interiors industry ecosystem.

Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar
Co-founder & CTO

Man behind technology. His focus is to think beyond the present, build meaningful features, and make them relevant to the target audience. His vision is to make Afterbricks the first AI-driven home interior product company in India.

Advisory Team
Pooja Jain
Pooja Jain
Domain Advisor

With 23 years of experience, she specializes in planning and designing diverse projects, from townships to commercial complexes, adhering to international standards. As a Town Planner at Delia Designarch, she excels in guiding projects from conception to execution, ensuring superior quality and seamless coordination with external stakeholders.

What do we believe in?

We uncomplicate choices
 too smallToo small

Brands, Products & Materials. Dealers, Designers & Contractors.

Today, the do-it-yourself model for home interiors is complex & frustrating - from product & material selection to where to buy from to finding the right professionals for design & installation.

We've put together curated choices; from product catalogue to buying recommendations to finding the right local design partner & contractor. So, you to make the best choice, that works for you.

No budget is too small
 too smallToo small
for us

Need brand new home interiors? Or just get a modular kitchen done? Or buy just a few light fittings today?
Need brand new home interiors?
Or just get a modular kitchen done?
Or buy just a few light fittings today?

There is no single source where you can get everything on one platform, whether to just buy a few products, renovate just one room or get your entire home interiors designed & installed. The options from other turnkey providers work best, only when you have a big budget to spend.

Our platform technology simplifies the entire discovery, buying, design and installation experience. With a carefully selected set of brands & partners, we will fulfill your need, with the best deals and value for money. We serve everyone for every budget & every need.

Transparency builds trust
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The afterbricks customer difference. & Our abcd mantra

We believe clear information & communication eliminates ambiguity or confusion, whether it is on pricing or product deliveries or project timelines or for that matter, anything that matters.

From a budgeting tool, to 3D designs (coming soon), to a curated catalogue, to a unique omnichannel buying experience that allows you to harness the best value for everything. And, if something is just not right, we are here to help, always.

Live better
 too smallToo small
with afterbricks

Get the benefit of digital technology & our unwavering service focus

We have made it our mission to radically simplify this entire end-to-end experience by seamlessly combining the benefits of digital technology and the best of the home interiors ecosystem partners on one common platform.

But above all, you are the heart of everything we do and the only reason we exist, is to make your home interiors and renovation experience truly joyful.

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